1. Smoke Management

Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management

Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management

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Link to Smoke ModelWelcome to the Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management Website. This site provides a single location for land managers conducting prescribed burns in the Flint Hills to obtain information and access tools to assist them in making burn decisions.

This website supports the Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan, which was developed in an attempt to balance the need for prescribed fire in the Flint Hills with the need for clean air in downwind communities.

The website contains links to training, regulations, policies, publications, a modeling tool and other links to guide people looking for information on smoke management.

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Smoke Model

A key element of this website is the forecast map and the smoke modeling tool. The map shows the potential smoke impact of burning in your area on urban air quality and is updated daily. The modeling tool allows you to see where the smoke will go from a fire in your location. The forecast map and modeling tools are available for mobile device.